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A Year in Review........

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It’s been a year since the planning began. This past year has been a whirlwind. We have taught sewing to more than 100 children and adults since opening the academy 9 mos ago. I want to make a BIG shout out to my long-time amazing friend....the best ever....Donna Moothart, for sharing this journey with me. You are loved and appreciated more than you will ever know!!!!

Summer 2021, we enjoyed the chatter of children during the day as they came and went throughout the days. They were all so excited to sew, pushing those sewing machine petals as if they were given permission to drive a car for the very first time. I was watching my dream unfold.

Evenings flew by while making some amazing new friends as ladies piled in so happy you’d think they hadn’t been out for a girls night in 2 years. Which just might have been the case. We laughed and bonded over yards of fabric, scissors and pin cushions on every table. What a joy!!

We had some fun when asked to submit an auction item to the School of Mary Fundraiser last fall. You can get a glimpse at the basket below. Besides classes, it was fun to creatively come up with some really fun items as well. I look forward to meeting those winners soon in class.

Don’t forget - our classes are for beginners. Beginners come in at different levels and that’s just fine. Once we assess your level, projects are chosen together. If you decide to take additional classes, then you’ll move up the ladder of competency you’ll experience the projects to become more challenging.

If you haven't visited our new website and upcoming schedules, you really must take a look.

We have some spring break classes on the calendar....seats are limited so let us know as soon as possible if your child is interested.

I hope to see you soon!!!

~~Jenny Condon

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