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Jenny Condon is loving the opportunities in life to do whatever she wants to do. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who has always expressed a creative spirit wherever God has led her.  She attended college along with her children, completing a certificate in ministry, bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in education.  Jenny  learned to sew in 7th grade home economics and spent every babysitting dollar earned on patterns and fabrics, making most of her own clothing throughout high school and beyond.  Everything in her life has led her toward this dream.  Jenny loves teaching sewing along side of her high school bestie, Donna, and they are having so much fun together are truly blessed and honored to be a part of your child's creative development.

Donna Moothart is newly retired from a 30+ year accounting profession and she is a proud mama of 2 daughters. Donna says it was her love for babysitting gigs as a teen that led her to teaching kids' church, Sunday School and VBS over the years.  Her affection for sewing comes from her own mom, who was a home economics major and a master-seamstress and quilter.  Full disclosure - she says she did not inherit her mastery!  But she was fortunate to learn from her, the basics of sewing, how to mend a favorite blouse, and enjoy fun projects such as curtains and costumes.  Now, today, her mom's passion for sewing lives within Donna's heart as she work towards a hobby making quilts as well as teaching the next generation The Art of Sewing.  Retirement is glorious!

Wendy Kennedy is a passionate 40-year-old needle artist, devoted wife, and loving mother of three beautiful girls. Her journey into the intricate world of crochet began two decades ago, sparked by a desire to preserve her grandmother's legacy after she was tragically sidelined by a severe stroke.  For Wendy, crochet isn't just a hobby; it's a cherished tradition that she believes deserves to be kept alive. Inspired by the memories of her grandmother's skilled hands fashioning delicate patterns, she has dedicated herself to mastering the art form.  Now, armed with years of experience and a heart full of determination, Wendy is stepping into a new role as a teacher. Guided by the expertise of the Art of Sewing Academy, she is embarking on a mission to share her love for needle art with others. Through her classes, she hopes to inspire a new generation to embrace the beauty and intricacy of crochet, ensuring that this timeless craft continues to flourish for years to come.

Melinda Connon has been a high school & community college mathematics teacher for over 30 years.  She now  is substitute teaching in math and other subjects.  Her favorite past time is helping to care for her new twin grandsons.   Melinda enjoys summers when she has the time to play in the Winterset Municipal Band and her volunteer work in the Waukee Area Christian Services food pantry garden. Melinda now wants to devote some time teaching others an assortment of needle crafts she so loves spending time doing.

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